Section 16 Manager™ ​solution

Computershare offers companies a comprehensive tool for easy generation, management and electronic transmission of Forms 3, 4 and 5 to the SEC. 

​Our web-based Section 16 Manager solution supports multiple users, can be accessed from anywhere allowing users to share data seamlessly. This functionality eliminates the cost of investing in additional resources to manage the filing and tracking process.​


Section 16 Manager helps aid compliance, reduce risk, lower costs and save time. The tool tracks all insiders, holdings, transactions, footnotes and balances, empowering you to take control of all of your SEC Section 16 requirements. ​​​


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    One-Click Filing Capabilities

    One-click form filing and status retrieval from EDGAR® ensures convenience and hassle-free filing

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    Ledger Balance Database

    Track holding balances, transactions, changes, filings and audit trail

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    Automated Filings

    Easy-to-use filing wizards and streamlined form generation and filing

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    Direct Data Imported from EDGAR

    Populates with real data extracted from disseminated filings with zero-switching costs

Let us show you how our Section 16 Manager solution can offer you and your board a secure, convenient and cost-saving platform to streamline your regulatory filings. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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